All you Need to Know about the Golf Fitness Benefits for Your Game

I have always wondered if there are any real benefits to working out  which in turn help me improve my game.

That was until recently a day after I got off the course I was feeling sore and tight and as you know I have been working on getting not only in better shape but  to also play my favorite Caribbean courses.

I wanted to research more about golf specific exercises.

Doing some research online led me to finding Christian Henning one of the leading golf fitness trainers around today.

He was kind enough to explain the main the 3 golf fitness benefits and why they were important to anyone who really wants to improve their game, hit the ball longer and feel stronger.

Apparently my soreness is common to both male and female golfers this is because most people today work desk jobs and they have very sedentary lifestyles and  have poor nutrition.

We don’t do enough stretching, probably no stretching at all and if we do work out, probably it is not a golf-centric style workout.

Chris believes poor nutrition, not enough stretching and improperly designed workouts would be the top three mistakes we all seem to be making.

His connection to golf fitness training was due to the fact he had been always interested in fitness most of his life.

One of his idols growing up was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chris always thought there was something there to connect golf to.

Legendary pro golfer Gary Player understood it before anyone else. Actually when you look at Gary Player he is a pretty small man and fitness really elevated him so he could compete.

That's when Chris figured out there was something of a connection with golf and fitness, it didn't really click though until he had a desk job and gained a lot of weight.

He lost the distance he had when he was younger.

And it was only when Chris  started to get into shape and playing golf is when he put two and two together.

3 Golf Fitness Benefits

  1.  The number one thing Chris  would suggest is losing any excess belly fat that you might have, so, start with losing those extra pounds. That, in itself, is going to  help your game tremendously
  2. Most people are grounded and de-conditioned from sitting in a chair all day. So stretching, and flexibility and range of motion should be high on their program. 
  3. He says you can really elevate your game is to focus on using weights to help increase muscle mass and that helps people to lose a little more fat as well.

After talking with Chris I really got a better understanding of golf fitness benefits and I felt I am on the right track. So much so I began to follow Chris's program.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Now you know the golf fitness benefits here's what important about golf specific exercises

And now you are getting in golf ready shape for a Caribbean Golf Getaway