3 Questions on Golf Specific Exercises
I needed to be answered

Golf specific exercises are very important. 

Whether we care to admit it some of us are not getting any younger and whether it is 18 or 36 holes to have any chance to play our best we must take care of our bodies.

Even the PGA pros are spending more time in the gym.

Have you noticed the physique of some of best players in the world today? Tiger Woods, Rory McIIroy, Dustin Johnson just to name a few. 

Have you ever seen how hard Gary Player works out?

And he is in his 80s. 

From the research I've been doing there are lots of golf fitness benefits.

I really need to properly train the areas that focus on the muscles that are important in my golf swing.

This means I need  to get more flexible  and increase my mobility. 

If I can work on my range of motion for my golf swing it will reduce my chances of injury down the road.

This means I have to focus in on my neck, what is known as my torso spine,

(Helps when I turn for my back swing), my hips, wrists and ankles.

Actually I felt better knowing when some of my buddies also complained of these same problem areas especially tight hips.

This I have been told is one of the major we reasons we all end up with lower back pain.

And this I can attest to there have been many a morning after a day out on the course where the discomfort in my lower back was hard to take.

 What golf specific exercises make sense to do 

In my mind I had to do more golf specific exercises and that was because as the years have gone by I have begun to notice little nagging aches and pains that interfere with my training and  my "athletic performance."

I knew I needed to need to find some sort of program where I am able to be able to work and train the small muscles, what they call stabilizers which allow the larger muscles to perform optimally, when I swing the golf club.

Because of this those nagging aches and pains I want to train so that will begin  to see those aches and pains disappear after 18 holes and be able to regain some of the lost athletic form of days gone by.

(Ok the last wish is dreaming)

How often do I need
to workout?

I've worked out for years, and despite seeing good increases in my strength and muscle mass,

I could never attain the 'athletic body' I wanted. (only in my dreams) But I was also frustrated because

I wanted to improve my game as it will begin to diminish as I got older.

I also don't have a lot of time to spend in the gym, I still have other "real life" commitments which won't wait.

Family, spouse and business.

But I am willing to do whatever it takes as long as I get the results.

So if I can get the workout in at the gym or at home I will be fine.

So from what I have been able to discover most golf workouts should be done repeatedly over a long period of time and the exercises

I'll be doing will focus on my Flexibility and Mobility, Stability training which help increase the power in my swing.

I also find a workout which incorporates Strength and power training which is the key to distance as well as hitting out the rough.

 So stay tuned and I will let you know how my training is coming along. Hope the chart helps you as well.


Gary Player still at it


Why do 
golf specific exercises?

From what I have been learning is most pros cope with the long PGA season now with their own year round fitness programs.

While you and I will never reach that kind of fitness level.

I still wanted to find some golf specific exercises that gave me a fighting to chance.

I want to enjoy the game I love for as long as I can in the least amount of pain or discomfort.

These are the 3 questions I needed to get answered to help me with my research to get in better "golf shape"

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