Advice to Anxious Golfers: Golf in a Coronavirus world has changed the way you get to play the game

Can you golf in a Coronavirus world?  How safe is it to golf during Coronavirus?

These are probably two of the most burning questions that most golfers have on their minds.

Golf is played in a wide-open, outdoor space so it is the least at-risk scenario.

As golf courses are open up, people will realize that the game has changed to accommodate the new normal.

What does this mean for you?

You have to be organized so that you don't get the virus from your buddies or you do not infected others.

 Fair enough?

 What you need to do before you leave the house:

  • Be honest with yourself that you are healthy and do not have any symptoms.
  • Find a buddy to play with who you feel has been adhering to the rules and you are comfortable playing with.Some courses will only allow twosomes while some courses will accept foursomes.
  • Can you and your playing partners maintain social distancing? Do you have masks just in case?
  • Go ahead a Book a tee time

 Now it is time to clean your clubs and bag, if you have a pull cart wipe that down too.

Use disinfectant wipes be sure to bring some wipes with you.

You are going to have to decide you are going to walk the course and carry or use your pushcart.

You may usually ride but maybe your personal preference right now is to carry, so this would be a good time to make your bag lighter and only carry the most important essentials.

If you do decide to ride then make sure wipe down the steering when of the cart with disinfectant wipes and the other surfaces inside the cart.

You want to make sure you have enough of a supply of balls, tees, ball markers, and any other equipment.

packing back onto cart to play golf in a Coronavirus world.Be prepared to carry your bag to the cart.

You want to make sure you  have enough balls because if you lose a ball, you are not going to look for it for too long nor are you  going to pick up any lost balls either because then you would have to make sure you don't touch your face.

Make sure have enough hand sanitizer.

Probably the most important item in your bag when golfing in a  Coronavirus world.

Now you are ready to head to the course. 

Drive on your own to the golf course unless you are playing with a family member from your household. 

Don't leave too early as most courses will not allow you at the course before 30 minutes before your tee time. 

There will be no driving range open maybe a putting green. 

When you get to the course do social distancing and don't park too close. 

Grab your bag put on your shoes, do some stretches to warm-up your body in the parking lot.

Head to the pro shop and do social distancing if there is a lineup to go inside to pay.  

How to play golf in a Coronavirus World

 On the tee boxes, in the fairways and on the greens, remember to social distance yourself from groups outside of your own and keep 6 feet away.

  • No handshakes on the first tee.  An elbow or a foot bump is good enough even a club tap. Maybe do a friendly head nod.
  • On the course, there will be no bunker rakes, ball washers, or trash cans.
  • Flag sticks must remain in the hole while putting.

You'll see that now there will be stoppers at the bottom of every cup around the flag sticks this the golf balls won't fall completely into the hole.

This will make retrieving your golf ball from the a lot hole easier no more having to put your hand in the hole.

Remember to always be hand-sanitizing continuously throughout your round. Maybe after every hole. 

Use disinfecting wipes on the steering wheel and surfaces inside the cart.

When the round is over, it is elbow or foot bumps or club taps. 

Park your golf cart, and return to the designated area and return to your car. 

You should wipe down your bag, the grips of the club, the parts that touch the golf cart. 

Then if you can in the bathroom go wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 

If you can't use your hand sanitizer. 

Maintain social distance at all times. Use hand sanitizer at the end of each hole.

Then leave the course immediately. 

So, remember, staying safe and being smart is goal to playing golf in a Coronavirus environment.

Follow the new rules and you should be okay. 

Sure it will take some time to get used to this new "Normal" but wouldn't you want to play under the best conditions knowing you were doing it the right way?

This Checklist Helps You Get Ready to Play Golf in a Coronavirus World


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